The Brave Radnan Shave:11am – 24 May 2014 at Centennial Park

There are a few things in life that I want to do that absolutely terrify me, but also make me want to pee my pants with excitement. Shaving my head is one of them. I have always wanted to test myself by doing something so daring and so brave, like shaving my head, but had yet to find a good enough reason to do so. But what better reason is there than to support my sister’s charity, Gennarosity Abroad. My sister’s, Genna and Gabby, and I will be shaving our heads this year to raise money for Gennarosity Abroad’s, Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre, with The Brave Radnan Shave. The training centre provides free education to the most empoverished, local women of Karunga, Kenya, who have no skill and very poor, very little education, if any. In its first year of operation it has empowered 45 women to graduate with the skills of sewing, textile design, numeracy, literacy and hygiene, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to build themselves a better future. The women of Karunga are so proud of this institution they are already planning its expansion.  

Click on the image below to find out more about where you can help support the cause, and how you will be helping to empower the women in Africa.