Paleo Diary: Day 12

As you can imagine, my last couple of days have been nothing short of a mental challenge. But through it all I managed to keep up with my Paleo..and if that isn’t a sign of strength I don’t know what is. As you can imagine, there were quite a number of times when nothing would have gone down better than a big glass of red!

Paleo is definitely not a lifestyle catered for in the big wide world, and with all the travel I had to do on planes the last week, as well as eating Africa, it was quite a struggle. Airlines don’t really offer a caveman alternative, which is fair enough, so I took nuts and biltong with me to snack on. And in Africa, the staples are rice, maize, and potato, as everything else is fairly expensive. Nevertheless I visited the grocery stores and markets and stocked up in preparation for my diet, and I saw it through and through. One night was perfect for Paleo people, as I went to Carnivore, which is an all you can eat bbq meat restaurant. In and amongst your usual lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, pork etc they had national delicacies such as ostrich, crocodile and ox balls! It was absolutely delicious!! And I love meat!

Open flame barbecued meats from Carnivore

Ox Balls - not as bad as you think it would be, but hard to not think about the contents of what you are eating.

I am almost at the end of my two week detox period for the Paleo Diet, which means on Wednesday I can introduce fruits again🙂 I have to be honest, I haven’t been craving anything sweet, and I can go for longer between meals without requiring snacks. I have a constant level of energy, unless I’m underslept, and the protein keeps me fuller on smaller amounts. I haven’t been bored either, and I have been getting a lot more experimental with the foods I’m putting together. To be honest, I should probably cut back on the amount of nuts I’m eating, but hey…just taking baby steps!

Another great site for fitness and health information that has been forwarded onto me by Beanie, is Nerd Fitness. I have signed up for the newsletters! Definitely a great read if you are looking for some inspiration, as well as handy workout tips, like how to do your very first pull up! Watch out kids at the playground…I’m going to be lapping you on the monkey bars in no time!

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